Paint Ball SRL Brasov organizes paintball demand anywhere in the country. Conditions for such travel is agreed by one of the means of communication contact-info section .

Normally held games in Brasov , Poiana Brasov and Predeal . For these locations, the game beneficiaries should not pay movement of personnel and equipment .

Taking into account the minimum quantity of 30 balls that must be an order that a person may be an hour of fun . What next you will enjoy more.

If you want to play in groups of 10 or more people and you have put in going to pull at least 100 balls per person, we can give discount up to 25 % of the value of the balls . Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

Incorporated in and you will get the best prices in the country.

Counter Strike style landscaped and equipped with night and complete equipment are offered complimentary , so your only expense is the purchase balls.



  1.     Package contains 100 balls home that cost you only $ 30 . Adrenaline as need to be careful and watch your back .
  2.     If you're not at your first meeting with this "kind " we recommend you pack 200 balls , only 55 lei .
  3.     Package of 300 balls to pay 80 lei
  4.     From 500 balls per person price of balls is 0.20 cash per ball .


  1. Package contains 500 balls home that cost you only 50 lei. If we want another 500 balls longer pay 40 lei .

OFFER FOR TEAM- BILDING 's and Travel Agents

Expecting to contact me in order to make the best price