Scenario 1 - Evaluation

Each participant in this scenario can use all their marker balls whether or not they are hit by opponents. The idea is that at the end of the game, after all participants have used all their marbles, they will be judged by a referee and the one with the fewest hits is considered the winner!

The idea of this scenario is to be able to assess yourself to see what level of paintballer you are!

2nd Scenario - Capture the flag

Two teams are preparing for this scenario, each team with its own flag base.

Suggested time limit: 30 minutes. The limit can be changed depending on the size of the playing field, coverage or number of players. 

In this scenario each player starts from his own base, if he is hit he is eliminated and if the flag is on the eliminated player he has to leave it there where he was eliminated.

To win the game you must capture the opposing team's flag and take it to your own base.

3rd Scenario - DEATHMATCH

This scenario is recommended for a small number of players. Each player plays on their own, and the winner is the player left after eliminating the others.

4th Scenario - The Amazons

Special scenario chosen just for Girls

%th Scenario - Your own Scenario